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Meet Jodie

Well hi! I’m Jodie. I’m a Fort Worth-raised, adventure-loving, coffee-fueled, Pinterest-crazed wife and mom of three, currently plotting and scheming on all kinds of things from our home in Aledo.

You can often find me shopping at Central Market, taking pictures of families and babies, editing a zillion photos, redecorating something, or planning our next adventure.

I’ve always appreciated a good photograph, and started fumbling around with a Canon DSLR in 2007. In 2012, I finally traded my longtime job in the corporate world for staying at home, expanding my family, and taking pictures of some of the most beautiful families in Fort Worth, Texas.

I have a love for minimalism and simple, natural beauty and I try to reflect that in my photos. I also love light and color and capturing families in a fresh, modern way that’s still timeless and tells the story of who they really are. Call it lifestyle, call it documentary, call it whatever you want – I call it real. And I LOVE real.

I have a natural light studio in Aledo and offer sessions there, in your home, or wherever you want to go in the Metroplex.


Here’s a little Q&A to help you get to know the person behind the camera a little better:

What kind of a photographer are you, anyway?

I’m a natural light photographer focused on documenting families, children and babies.

Beyond that, I’m not what some refer to as a “churn and burn” photographer – someone who shoots a lot, burns quasi-edited photos onto a CD, and is done with you. I’m full service and I treat all of my clients the same. I try to edit each and every photo as if it were a photo of my own family. I put a TON of time and effort in to each image – and I also care that images are printed properly! There’s a HUGE difference between a professional print that comes from a professional lab, and a cheap print that comes from a drug-store chain or discount canvas company (if you don’t believe me, ask me to show you in person!). I want my clients to get the most from their investment, so I offer the best products on the market and I’m thrilled when my clients see these products and all they can say is “WOW! Give me THAT!”

I also love to get to know my clients and form good relationships with them. The more I shoot someone, the easier it gets because then it becomes like friends hanging out…the nerves disappear, the real personalities come out, and shoots are just FUN.

Where is your favorite place to shoot?
Anywhere that makes you feel comfortable and completely yourself.

What are 3 things you love in photographs?
Beautiful lighting, vivid colors, and genuine connection.

How do you make people relax in front of your camera?
General silliness. Or asking them to do something other than a pose to break the ice and get them to laugh and loosen up a bit. I always know a shoot is going to go well when people laugh easily! Sometimes champagne helps.

What is your favorite quote?
Work hard and be nice to people.
It’s such a simple concept and yet so powerful if you really focus on those two things! I’m not perfect, and this is just a good reminder to get up every morning, try my hardest, and put other people first. I think at the end of the day if you do those two things, you’ll be successful.

Why do you love your studio so much?

Have you seen it!? It’s like walking in to a dream. At least for me, it is. My space has 12 windows in all – six in the main shooting area, and I’ve stuck with white walls and white flooring and mostly white accessories, so the light in there is incredible. I also have a cream/gold modern daybed, a vintage rattan bassinet that came all the way from France, and an antique iron crib. They’re beautiful and versatile and the space is large enough that I can do so much – whether with newborns or babies doing cake smashes or families. Everyone who’s seen it has loved it. You should come by and check it out!

What do you NOT do as a photographer?

Overly posed stuff. I am happy to direct the people I’m working with to encourage/facilitate genuine moments, but I don’t like forcing people in to rigid poses that reflect absolutely nothing about who they are as an individual or a family.

I have also stepped away from high school senior portraits and extended family sessions so I can focus on what I’m most passionate about and that’s documenting babies/kids/families.

What is the hardest thing about being a photographer?

There’s a lot! For one, everyone is a photographer these days, it seems. So there’s lots of competition but I don’t really let this get to me. I have a certain style and I know the people who recognize that and appreciate that style and WANT that style will come to me for that, and that’s exactly what I want. But trying to be unique and set yourself apart can feel like a never ending task…because as soon as other photographer’s see something on your page they like, they’ll go do it too. So there’s this pressure to just keep doing new things and keep trying to put new stuff out there…and then as soon as you do that, you have to do it all over again! But this is a creative business, so that’s just part of it. I’ve grown to love the cycle!

There’s also just the nine million hats you have to wear on a daily basis. I don’t just carry my camear around all the time. I’m a business owner. I have to keep up with emails, website inquiries, Facebook messages, Instagram DM’s, social media posts and campaigns, all other forms of marketing, newsletters, scheduling/rescheduling, book keeping, studio upkeep, equipment maintenance and upgrades, backing up photos, prepping galleries, ordering prints, packagining and delivering orders….and that’s just some of it. It’s overwhelming a lot of the time. Balancing this with being a work-at-home mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done – hands down! But I love it all, so it’s all worth it to me.:)