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I'm Jodie: Lover of people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and beliefs. City gal turned goat farmer. Wife + Mom of three. Dog herder. Baby and toddler whisperer. Travel addict. Serious about guacamole and fancy cocktails. 
My husband likes to call me famous, because I can't go anywhere without running into someone I know - and it's largely because of this beautiful business of mine! I've met and photographed and subsequently befriended so many Dallas and Fort Worth families. 

That's my favorite thing about my job: all the friends I make, almost instantly.
Otherwise we live a pretty quiet life on our mini-ranch in Aledo.  We have 7 goats + 4 chickens + 4 dogs + 3 kids in very different stages of life (2 in college and 1 in elementary!). I married the best man on the planet (who strangely LOVES doing the laundry) (score!). We love family time + travel + church + brunch + our modern home we did a massive reno on. And that's us in a nutshell!



Pretty Interiors + Plants

Chips + Guac

Vodka Tonics

Snuggling + Rainy Days

Going to the dentist

Smokey Robinson

Childrens Fashion

Mid Century Anything

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