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Okay guys. I mentioned on Facebook that I had studio news and it was big, and by that I meant literally big! As in nearly 4 times bigger than my teensy little Stockyards studio. That’s right: WE’VE MOVED!

I had my first shoot in the new studio today – a week earlier than expected but what the heck…it’s close enough to done so I just decided today was a great day to make the announcement! And here is the inaugural baby of the new studio…isn’t he cute?

Fort Worth Aledo Studio Photographer

Fort Worth Aledo Studio Photographer


The new studio is simply amazing. I’m in major love! There’s more natural light, more flexibility, waaaay more space, and it is just so much prettier all around.

But why did I move? Welllll, a few reasons.

  1. Space. Did you ever visit my little Stockyards studio? I called it a studio but really it was just a little room in a building shared with other businesses. It was a great starting point but I quickly outgrew it.
  2. Convenience. The Stockyards is a cool enough place I guess, but it was not the most convenient location. My old studio was on the third floor of a building that had no parking lot, which forced clients to park on the street (ever tried parking in the Stockyards on a busy day??), sometimes around the corner or a couple blocks away. Then they’d have to haul their baby/older kid(s)/diaper bag/infant carrier/purse/whatever-else in to the building, up to the third floor and in to a tiny room where there was not much room to put anything, no waiting area, nowhere to really put all your stuff… UGH. Just not convenient. Definitely not ideal.
  3. Weird-ish. The building was okay but, weird-ish, if I’m being honest. The lobby, elevator and dark/narrow halls creeped me out. It juuuust…wasn’t my style. Again – it was a wonderful place to get started but my goal was to get into a space that was really like a REAL studio and not just a room in a weird-ish old building that I didn’t love.
  4. The straw that broke the camels back: Someone in the building started smoking cigarettes INSIDE the building and the smell permeated my studio every time. Not trying to judge people who smoke, but I don’t want my studio smelling like a bar or an ashtray. It’s just really not what I’m going for.

So I moved! And the new place is perfect. It’s like an adorable little cottage house/dream-come-true all in one! Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Let’s start with the white room – where I take the pictures:

Fort Worth Aledo Studio Photographer

Fort Worth Aledo Studio Photographer


That’s one part of the room. That daybed? I’m obsessed with it. Beautifully simple, perfect for when the whole family wants to be in the shot, but also great for photographing just little ones or mommy and me photos. It’s versatile and neutral and cozy and I’m in love with it!


And then there’s this little rattan piece of vintage heaven. I found this baby online at an antique shop in France and had it shipped here. It’s perfectly timeless if you ask me. And I want to put ALL THE BABIES in here!!!

Here’s the other side of the white room. You might recognize the crib from my old studio (converted to a mini daybed here but it is a crib – I just have one of the side off)

Fort Worth Aledo Studio Photographer

Fort Worth Aledo Studio Photographer


There are six windows in the white room. Six!!! So much natural light. So perfect! My darling husband built this room divider for me. It’s also an amazing backdrop I’m going to use for Cake Smash sessions! And it’s on wheels so I can easily move it wherever! And what else is that you see? A waiting area. Yep. I have one of those now.



Know what else I have? A kitchen!


And a bathroom!



And all the little extras that make this studio my dream. My goal is to make the entire experience a breeze. So naturally I have a collection of hand-picked blankets, precious outfits for newborns – 2T, soft toys, and so much more that my clients are all welcome to use for their shoot here.



So there ya have it! My new, dream studio in a nutshell. There’s more, and certainly more to come! My next project (this weekend) is to photograph all the new cake smash backdrops I’ve been working on. They are going to be SO stinking cute! Make sure you check back next week to see those, too!

Want to go ahead and book your next session? I’m now booking newborn sessions, milestone mini sessions, cake smash mini sessions, and family sessions for the studio. Email for more info!



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