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I'm so excited you're here. Because the fact that you're here probably means that you and I share a genuine love for laidback vibes, long weekend mornings, and dreamy photos of your family in pretty spaces with gorgeous natural light. I'm all about it. You too? See? We're meant to be friends.

"Jodie is a magician. Several times when the kids weren't cooperating, or everyone is bickering, trying to get everything just right...there she is quietly transforming our brand of crazy into some sort of model family. I don't know how she does it. I am just happy that she does."

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Client Love

All of my sessions are held in your home or in my natural studio in Aledo (just west of Fort Worth). I started in this business doing outdoor photography but my love for indoor family sessions just blossomed and eventually took over my business and I'm not looking back! There is just something distinctly magical about shooting in cozy indoor spaces so that's where we play these days.

I have three session types:
- Newborns (your home or my studio)
- Family (your home or my studio)
- Studio Minis (my studio, only on the second Saturday of each month)

Occasionally I offer pop-up outdoor mini sessions - but like, only once or twice a year and ONLY for existing clients.


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