About me...I'm a mom, business owner, natural light lifestyle photographer, and proud baby/toddler whisperer. I jokingly tell people I had two babies at the same time - my youngest child + my business that are about the same age. Juggling a booming business while changing diapers was SO difficult, but guess what? The long nights and bittersweet firsts and lasts (first steps, last day with a pacifier...sniffle sniffle.) birthed something beautiful - my eye for capturing all the beautiful, fleeting moments that us sentimental folks desperately want to hang on to. 

My approach to photography is all about creating a fun, light-hearted and genuine vibe. I want the REAL smiles...not the forced ones (and I know how to get them!!) I actually DON’T strive for trendy or "technically perfect" images, because I think photographing people in a genuine way leaves us with far better and way more memorable images than just trying to be trendy.

I have a knack for creating magical connections and noticing tiny details, and I’m known for making everyone feel confident and walking away with authentic, beautiful images. In a nutshell, I capture other families the way I would want someone to capture mine - real connection, real laughter, real emotion...and just so uniquely us. 

I'm Jodie, and I chase after real, authentic moments because I believe they matter most.

hey friends.

authentic smiles
genuine connection
real > scripted
light-hearted + fun

My Approach

I'll never forget the time I hired my "dream photographer" and traveled FAR to have our photos done by them...only to feel absolutely zero connection with them throughout the entire process. I booked with an online tool and had no contact with them. The follow up after booking was non-existent. There was no prep guide, no email confirming location or time. I had to reach out to them two days before like "hi...are we still scheduled with you?" They were pretty cold during the shoot. My gallery was very late, with no heads up or apologies. Yuck! Not saying we needed to be BFF's but it made for an overall uncomfortable experience.

One thing I want my clients to know is that I truly CARE about them, the way they feel during and after a session! I strive to see every client individually and capture them in a way that will make them so happy, I love getting to know them, I ALWAYS allow them to be themselves and strive to make sure everyone feels so comfortable and at-ease in front of the camera. My sessions are light-hearted and FUN and I often end up friends with most of my clients. I hope to always keep it that way!

You aren't just a number to me, and that's how I'm different. 

While family + newborn photography will always be my first love, as a small business owner I quickly realized how  important it is to have a recognizable, approachable brand that people can easily feel connected to. This is what set me down the path of launching the Branding Photography side of my business. I love helping other business owners strategize and put their best work out there with truly customized branding photos that tell your story and connect you with the right audience. 

I LOVE family photos, but I'm not just a family photographer...

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