First and foremost - I'm a wife and mom to 3 (two grown and one in elementary!) and I love filling those roles more than anything. But next to that, I love travel, photography, and dabbling around in the kitchen the most. 

I married the most patient man on the planet and we live just outside of Fort Worth, TX in our modern home filled with animals, plants, and possibly the most talkative child on the planet.  When we aren't here, we are usually either in Seaside, FL,  Maui or NYC. Those places feel like home to us, too and we love getting to split our time there!

I'm Jodie!

hello friend

the best moments are the ones where you forget about the camera

I believe

ALL Families are unique and that's what makes THEM beautiful

I believe

I have the best job in the world because i get to snuggle babies all the time!

I believe


dear friend

i have way too many animals.

think your animals are going to bug me during our shoot together? well, think again! 
i can't imagine a life without my pets (4 dogs, 6 cats, 7 goats and 8 chickens to be exact). 
so when I walk in and your dog jumps on me and i tell you i don't mind - i mean i really don't mind! i'm used to getting lots of "love" from fur babies and i wouldn't have it any other way.

hawaii is my happy place

if i'm not happily hanging out in a tree off the maui coast, then i'm probably daydreaming about hanging out in a tree off the maui coast or planning my next vacation so that I can hang out in a tree off the maui coast. 

hawaii has a piece of my heart that i'll never be able to get back (and i'm ok with that - just means i have to go visit there as often as possible!)

hawaii photoshoot, anyone?

i love all things design

my first career was in fashion design and that is what truly started my obsession with color stories and all things design-related. 

my most recent design obsession is my house. We took the plunge in 2018 and bought a house, gutted it and have been turning it into our dream home ever since. 

you can never have too many plants

so basically, if i could live in a big glass box full of plants and surrounded by plants on the outside too, that would be my dream place. (Especially if that big glass box was smack in the middle of a forest in hawaii)

but for now - i live in a partially glass house with plants just about everywhere. i love finding/adopting odd house plants, spend too much time at archie's and guardado's, love cacti and tropicals for outside, and have an ever-expanding vegetable garden.

to love christ is to love everyone

religion can be icky, can't it? so I don't claim any religion and currently i don't go to church - but i do love christ, and my belief is that those who love christ should love everyone, without question. that's what i try to focus on - simply loving. not judging, not condemning, not getting into debates or withholding because it doesn't fit a political narrative. if jesus can love everyone, then so can i. so no matter who you are or what you believe, know that you are welcome and loved here. 


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