If you’re the lucky parent of a two year old, then this party might resonate with you. A goodbye, a farewell, an ADI-FREAKIN-OS to terrible twos.

A Very.



Don’t get me wrong – we are blessed and we know it, but we also know that we survived this past year with our sanity hanging on by a very thin thread and that we were ready to celebrate all of the hope that THREE YEARS OLD brings! And if you’re one of those poo-poo’ers that likes to say that your kid was no better at three years old and that we had better just brace ourselves because the next year is going to be worse, I have one thing to say to you:



Okay. Now, for the FIESTA! I recently moved my business to a new studio! It’s 30 seconds from my house. How sweet is that? I know. Very sweet. And I was wanting to do an open house so our families and close friends could come by and see it, but then I decided – duh! Just have Hattie’s birthday party there. The fam will come and we can invite some of Hattie’s little friends (whose parents are our friends, naturally) and then whoever else couldn’t come or might not be interested in a 3 year old’s birthday party could just come see it later. Anyhow, it was perfect!! We crammed about 40 people in to my studio and celebrated this stinker turning three:



Let me just stop here before I post everything else and tell you how freaking awesome it is to be surrounded by such amazing talent in Fort Worth. That dress she’s wearing? From Luna Antigua – artisan made clothing, run by two Fort Worth mamas. Shop their line here:

You’ll notice soon the RIDICULOUSLY adorable cactus cake and llama cookies. Gals. Leah’s Sweet Treats blows me away. They are so easy to work with and hands-down the most professional bakery I’ve ever dealt with. I get my smash cakes from there every month and they always deliver perfection. And this time? I was just blown away!!! Have a party coming up? Go here:

Llamas and pom poms were my thang for this party and the amazingly talented Brooke Wright of painted the most adorable Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Llama poster/game. I know how busy this mama and business owner is so that she worked this in to her schedule for me meant soooo much. And it’s so cute, I’m going to be framing it in acrylic and hanging it in Hattie’s room!

Okay – see for yourself. These ladies all helped me bring sweet Hattie’s party vision to life and I could not have been happier with any of it!










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