What to Wear for your Spring/Summer Newborn Photos // DFW Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

If you’re anything like me – you both get really excited and stress out about upcoming photos. How will the session go? Will my kids cooperate? And the big question –


Fort Worth Newborn Photographer_what to wear

Let me take the guesswork out of it for you! I’ve put together a few quick tips and several looks to help you on your way to selected the perfect outfits for your Spring or Sumer newborn lifestyle session.


TIP #1: Pick four colors

I like to pick two neutrals and two accent colors. Cream and beige are always easy starters and then just add in two or three more colors to bring your color palette to life.

TIP #2: Don’t forget to add some pattern

Adding in one or two patterns will keep you all from looking too color-blocked.

TIP #3: Go for comfort over cuteness

Moms – chances are your bodies will still be recovering when we do newborn photos. Choose something that’s easy to move in and won’t bunch up or be uncomfortable when you sit down. For baby – keep it simple! Outfits with too much going on can be really difficult to photograph on a scrunched up little newborn. And for kids – skip outfits that are itchy, tight, or have complicated accessories. Comfort is key if you want them to cooperate!


Here are several looks that would work well for lifestyle newborn photos. Need help selecting pieces for your session? Feel free to email me and let’s chat!

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