3 Reasons You Need to Book a Mama+Me Session

I’m a mom….but not just any mom. I have a unique family – I have two kids that are grown and out of the house and I have one elementary aged kid still at home, and let me tell you – having this (BIG!) gap in ages has taught me a lot about memories, cherishing every moment, and yes, capturing as much of it as possible.

Because here’s the heart-breaking truth and REASON #1: You will forget things.

You will forget the way they crinkle their nose right now that makes your heart flutter.

You will forget the feeling of those tiny hands on your face and how it melts away your stress every time.

You will forget how absolutely perfectly they fit in your lap.

But…photos help your remember.

Best Dallas Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer
Dallas Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

Reason #2: Because they will not look the same 6 months from now.

Just look at the photos on your phone from 6 months ago. You’ll see differences. You’ll see baby fat melting away and leaving slimmer limbs. You’ll see those chubby little cheeks starting to vanish. They’ll grow teeth, they’ll lose teeth, they’ll grow hair or maybe have their first hair cut.

Say it with me: EVERY stage is worth capturing! Which leads me to the next reason.

Best Dallas Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

Reason #3: Because you have them at home in this life for such a short time.

You know what they say – the days are long but the years are short. And I can attest as “second go ’round” mom – the years are VERY. SHORT. The fact that my kids are grown and out of the house still feels surreal some days. I wish I knew where all that time went, and I wish I had prioritized GOOD photography back then the way I do now.

Best Dallas Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

Here’s some good news: I offer Mama+Me MINI sessions and my sessions are ALL-INCLUSIVE. You don’t have to choose a collection – just come in, spend 20 minutes with me in my studio or I’ll come visit you at your home in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I’ll make you feel like the beautiful being that you are, and you will get a whole gallery of images to keep and enjoy and look back on forever.

Ready to book? Email me at jodie@reveriephotoco.com and let’s capture some magical memories together.

Best Dallas Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

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