5 tips for a stunning maternity session

To book the maternity session or not to book the maternity session…believe it or not, that’s not the only question!

There are so many things to think about beyond whether or not you want to book a maternity session (but I really hope you do – especially by the end of this post!).

Let’s just assume you are strongly considering it but you don’t know which way to go. You’ve seen so many different options – from outdoors to indoors, from super laidback to basically glamour shots, from wearing absolutely nothing to being all dolled up in heels and pearls. Let’s dive in to my TOP 5 TIPS for a stunning maternity session to help you book the right type of session, feel beautiful and confident in the process, and walk away with images that take your breath away!

TIP #1: Choose a style that feels true to YOU.

Do you want indoor or outdoor photos to show off your growing belly? Will you wear something cozy and understated or will you go all out in an elaborate maternity gown? There’s no wrong answer. Everyone is different and all that matters is that YOU pick a style that feels true to YOU. You may see other peoples’ maternity photos and think “wow – they look really gorgeous” but when you imagine yourself in that same setting/outfit – it doesn’t feel very “you”. That’s a sign that that particular style probably isn’t the right style for you.

If you’re a natural/organic beauty type of person, then choosing a style that reflects that will be your best bet.

If you’re someone who loves getting all dressed up and having hair/makeup professionally done, Louboutin heels and a sequin dress – then maybe opt for a more glamorous look.

TIP #2: Choose the right photographer!

Remember this – just because a photographer excels at photos of toddlers, that doesn’t mean you will love their maternity work. Once you’ve decided on the style of photos you want for your maternity session, you need to find a local photographer that does that style *really well*. This is a once in a lifetime thing – that same little baby will never be in your belly again – so choose wisely and invest in the right person!

TIP #3: Get outfit recommendations from your photographer.

Most maternity photographers have a very specific style and wearing the right thing to your session to fit the vibe will absolutely impact how much you love your photos.

My style is a beautiful mix of casual/cozy/intimate in a natural light setting. If you showed up to my studio wearing a bright red, flowing maternity gown and five inch heels, it would not translate super well with my style! I believe “less is more” when it comes to *my* style of maternity pics so I encourage things like pretty/cozy loungewear that we can easily work with to capture some gorgeous bare belly shots.

I have a Style Guide that I send to people who book with me – and your photographer should, too (or at a minimum they should be willing to show you some examples of what will look best).

TIP #4: Consider bringing your partner along!

Unless you are rocking the single mama thing (and no shame in that!), consider bringing your partner along to be part of the session. I LOVE capturing really cozy/intimate shots, and I love incorporating the whole family (kids, fur kids…they’re all invited!).

If you ARE flying solo, bring a friend along. Not to be in the photos, necessarily, but sometimes just having someone there with you can help you to relax and have a great time (and this leads to my next tip!)

TIP #5: Relax, trust your photographer, and be in the moment.

This is really the one…THE top tip. Relaaaaaax, mama. If you’ve done your homework and selected a good, experienced maternity photographer, then you do not need to worry about what you look like, if they’re posing you in a flattering way, etc. I’ll let you in on a little secret about professional photographers: we are our own worst critics. We pick apart our images and we have learned many, many things in all the years of photographing hundreds of people – and we put all of those things we’ve learned in to use during our sessions. We are here to make you look and feel BEAUTIFUL. Our goal is to make you cry happy tears when you get your gallery. All you have to do is relax, trust us, and stay present in the moment – and you will love your images.

What about you? What’s your favorite style of maternity photos?

Are you expecting? If so, I’d love to chat with you to see if I’m a good fit OR point you in the direction of someone who is. 😉

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