I get it...sometimes the idea of cleaning your home when you have a million zillion things going on sounds daunting. 

And then sometimes people just fall in love with the look of my studio and would rather have their family session take place there. 

Whatever you choose if fine with me! My studio is located in Aledo, Texas and is set up to feel nice and cozy and home-like. I will guide you into the same kind of interactions that I would during a Right at Home session so the overall vibe will be similar...just at a different location.

all the details you want to remember

not sure if you want photos at home?

I want you to feel right at home during your photos...so where better to capture your family than right AT your home?

Everyone lets their guard down when they're in a place they feel comfortable in - and that opens the door to real smiles, real connection, real emotion - and the BEST photos, if you ask me. 

Right at Home sessions are 75-90 minute sessions focused on capturing your family just as you are. I guide you into interactions that are natural and beautiful and we have a BLAST along the way. I will travel to your home anywhere in Dallas, Fort Worth, Aledo, Southlake, Frisco and surrounding areas.



"Jodie, thank you again so much for this morning. You have such a way - we all felt so calm and close. It's so funny how I don't even really think "will this look good or not" because I know it will. You are such a treasure and talent!"

I don't even think "will this look good or not"

I'm not going to force your older kids to be "perfect" because I want them to be themselves and show their true personalities! Instead I'll guide you to connect in a way that is purely authentic and beautiful that will make your heart burst!

I will find the best source of natural light in your home (or my studio) to capture your family and baby in. Good lighting goes a long way in creating dreamy images. 

I will put everyone at ease and take the guesswork out of your session by guiding you into beautiful, natural (and fun!) interactions that create the most magical moments for photos. 

What you can expect during your family session...

magical moments

gorgeous natural light

authentic connection

It's magic. No really - it's mostly just the fact that I, myself, am super relaxed and can make most people feel comfy in front of the camera. Lots of experience in getting people to have FUN and not focus so much on how they look. I'm also just really good at bossing people around in a really fun way. Trust me - we are going to have a blast together!

Q. How do you make awkward people look natural in front of the camera?

A. My clients look best in "elevated casual" clothes as it matches with the general aesthetic of my photography. We have a Style Guide available to anyone who books a session and are also happy to consult on wardrobe to make sure you choose all the right colors and styles for your session!

Q. What should we wear?

A. YES! And by the way, everyone says this. Your home does not to be professionally decorated to have beautiful photos made. We need windows for light and a famliy that's in love with their new baby. That's it. Leave the magic of creating beautiful photos up to me!

Q. My house doesn't look perfect. Is that okay?

A. As soon as you can! My weekends are typically booked out anywhere from 2-4 months in advance. Weekdays are easier if you want to book something fast. 

Q. When should we book with you?


A. Right at Home sessions are really for just one family unit. If you want an extended family session, please reach out and let me know so we can discuss pricing and how these sessions differ from Right at Home sessions.

Q. Can the grandparents/cousins/aunts/uncles join in? 

A. The main difference is whether you're coming to me or I'm coming to you. I would say it's easier for you to stay at your home...but the studio is always open and feels cozy...like a home. 
Right at Home sessions also give us the opportunity to capture your family in your own home and there's something uniquely special about that.

Q. What's the difference between your at-home or studio family sessions?

A. I do NOT expect clients to just know what to do to prepare for their session. Once you book, we will send you a Prep Guide that covers what to wear, how to prep your home, what to expect and more. Don't worry...I am here to help every step of the way so on the big day, you can just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the time cuddling and playing with your kiddo(s) while I preserve all the little details!

Q. What do we need to do to prepare?

A. If you want photos of just your kids, I would suggest either a Purely Portrait session in my studio or an At-Home mini (when available). An hour long Right at Home session is a lot for *just* kids...so if you want one of these sessions, plan to be in at least some of the photos!

Q. What if I just want photos of my kids and not myself/my partner?


I'll send you a big beautiful gallery and you'll get to select the photos you want. Once you purchase a collection, you can download photos and order prints right in the gallery! 

choose your photos

By now, we should both be all ready for the big shoot so all you have to do is show up and be your amazing, beautiful, authentic self.

shoot your session

Run, don't walk! ;) 
Reach out and let us know what type of session you're looking for and we'll get you scheduled. A session booking fee is due at time of booking. We'll get you prepped and ready to go before the big day.

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