Guess what? A lot of people do both. 
What I love about Fresh 48's is that they capture your baby at their teeny tiniest and captures the first bonding moments with your family. 

What I love about Welcome Home Baby sessions is they give you a minute to settle in at home (and lets your body heal for a bit before photos) and then we capture how that little baby fits so perfectly in to your family and home life. 

all the details you want to remember

can't decide between this and a full newborn session? 

Let me tell you what I remember about any of the days I gave birth: not much. As much I want to, I just don't remember much. Between the exhaustion of labor, the hormones, the doctors and nurses coming in and out, the friends and family visiting - it was a blur, and it still is. I told myself I'd take pictures and we have a few snaps but they're nothing like the dreamy moments I wanted to capture. 

Don't worry though - we're not going to let that happen to you. 

Booking is simple. Just email me your due date and I will make every effort to be there the day after your baby arrives! We'll spend about 30 minutes capturing photos and video clips so this momentous occasion stays fresh in your mind forever. 



"It might sound weird, but when (our first son) was little, after a few not-so-great photo sessions, I prayed for a photographer that could capture my kids' personalities through the years. When we first found Jodie, I knew she was the one! Her skills and patience have blessed our family by allowing us to press pause on their little moments, and not ever forcing a "sit and smile" situation. Remembering our kids AS THEY ARE will always be my favorite way!" - Danielle B.

I knew she was the one!

I'm not going to force your older kids to be "perfect" and I'm not going to twist or contort your newborn into any complicated poses. Instead I'll guide you to connect in a way that is purely authentic and beautiful that will make your heart burst!

Hospital recovery rooms typically have good sized windows that give us all the beautiful natural light we need to capture your session. 

I will put everyone at ease and take the guesswork out of your session by guiding you into beautiful, natural (and fun!) interactions that create the most magical moments for photos. 

What you can expect during your newborn session...

magical moments

gorgeous natural light

authentic connection

A. Usually they are still very sleepy and calm when they're 24-48 hours old. But rest assured, I have photographed a crying baby or two...and we still got PLENTY of beautiful photos. Babies cry when they need something...usually food, soothing, a change in position or a new diaper. I'm a baby whisperer and will whisper that sweet angel into a happier state...don't you worry! You're hiring a professional for a reason!

Q. Have you ever have a baby that cries the whole time? What happens then?

A. Something simple and sweet! I recommend NOT putting your newborn in "fancy clothes" or collared outfits for this session. Newborns really photograph best in buttery soft, stretchy jammies, gowns or onesies. Having blankets on hand for warmth and texture is always a great idea. 

Q. What should my baby wear for their Fresh 48

A. That works too! Just check with your birthing center contact to make sure you'll be there at least 24 hours after baby's birth and we will plan accordingly. 

Q. What if I'm delivering at a birthing center and not a big hospital?

A. We simply put a "placeholder date" (your due date) on my calendar and then you'll keep me updated via text as the date gets closer. Once we know it's go time, we will plan when I will be at the hospital. I usually arrive the morning after baby is born. 

Q. Birth dates can be so unpredictable. How do you schedule these sessions?


A. I LOVE capturing both skin-to-skin and breastfeeding images. This is such a profound and beautiful way to bond with your baby and it's something that passes by so fast. If I could go back in time, I would have photos like this with my babies. I wish someone had told me how much I would miss it!

Q. What if I want skin-to-skin or breastfeeding photos?

A. I do not photograph mamas in labor or actual births at this time. The earliest I photograph babies is 18-24 hours old. 

Q. Do you photograph labor/births as well, or just after they are born? 

A. I do NOT expect clients to just know what to do to prepare for their session. Once you book, we will send you a Prep Guide that covers what to wear, how to prep your home, what to expect and more. Don't worry...I am here to help every step of the way so on the big day, you can just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the time cuddling your baby while I preserve all the little details!

Q. What do we need to do to prepare?

A. At this time, I only photograph newborns as part of a family unit! If you are okay with it, I *can* focus primarily on capturing photos of the baby, but you will definitely be in some of the photos (and trust me when I say 10 years from now, you'll thank me for it!)

Q. What if I just want photos of my baby and not myself/my partner?


I'll send you a big beautiful gallery and you'll get to select the photos you want. Once you purchase a collection, you can download photos and order prints right in the gallery! 

choose your photos

By now, we should both be all ready for the big shoot so all you have to do is show up and be your amazing, beautiful, authentic self.

shoot your session

Run, don't walk! ;) 
Reach out and let us know what type of session you're looking for and we'll get you scheduled. A session booking fee is due at time of booking. We'll get you prepped and ready to go before the big day.

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