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Do you want to know something crazy? I did this shoot a little over 8 months ago. That’s not the crazy part. It’s one of my favorite shoots, ever. A mom and her boys at home on an ordinary day, doing ordinary things. As I was looking at photos I just took of these two […]

Have you ever hired a professional photographer? Yes? Then you know that nagging question that looms as you approach your session date: Did I pick the right location? Location isn’t EVERYTHING but it’s definitely important. It becomes particularly important if you have a feeling the location you picked doesn’t suit you or what you’re really wanting […]

Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

One thing I really love about lifestyle newborn sessions? There’s no rules. Unlike heavily posed newborn sessions, you don’t have to get them in to a studio almost the minute you leave the hospital so they’ll stay asleep the whole time. If they wake up during their lifestyle session? Yay! We’ll get some images with eyes open! […]

Dallas Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I just realized I never blogged this session. This amazing family, this perfect weekend morning, this donuts and dance parties and giggles galore session that I absolutely loved. How in the world did this never make it on the blog? Well. Problem fixed. Feast your eyes. This is the stuff that makes my heart the […]

I have to tell you – photographing a family of six is usually not without its challenges. Usually there’s at least one meltdown at some point in the session by at least one of the kids. I come prepared: jokes, silly faces, even the occasional bribe. I’m not scared. You just have to keep rolling and […]

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

If you’re the lucky parent of a two year old, then this party might resonate with you. A goodbye, a farewell, an ADI-FREAKIN-OS to terrible twos. A Very. Happy. GOODBYE. Don’t get me wrong – we are blessed and we know it, but we also know that we survived this past year with our sanity […]

Okay guys. I mentioned on Facebook that I had studio news and it was big, and by that I meant literally big! As in nearly 4 times bigger than my teensy little Stockyards studio. That’s right: WE’VE MOVED! I had my first shoot in the new studio today – a week earlier than expected but what […]

Brace yourselves, y’all. I’m blogging. Can you believe it? It’s been over two months. TWO MONTHS!!!! But really, I have a legit excuse. I’ve been non. stop. shooting. for two months. Like seriously. In October I had 44 sessions. In November, I had exactly half of that amount – 22. Which sounds like nothing compared […]

Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

This was one of the most relaxed, simple, sweetest newborn shoots I’ve ever done. And has become one of my favorites, too. Stephanie and her husband relocated here and just welcomed their sweet baby girl home after a little stay in the NICU. We had booked their session for after her due date but bumped it […]

Fort Worth Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Relax, I say. Get into it. Some people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I like a good dose of chaos in my sessions. That I WANT their kids to bounce around like kids do. If you, like me, grew up in the age of studio shoots + cheesy backgrounds + […]

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