Reverie Photo Co.

Sometimes you just can’t decide between two things, and sometimes you shouldn’t have to. Like when you go to the movies and you have to pick between popcorn and candy. Wait – no you don’t! Get both! Or when you go shopping and you’re faced with the decision of getting a new purse or a […]

Me and my ideas. I tell you…I have a zillion of them. Some are okay. Some are real stinkers. And then some are soooo good. I’m filing this one under FAVORITE! Bluebonnet Mini Sessions are so popular in Texas, but I’ve never heard of cactus mini sessions. Or cactus sessions at all. But I love me […]

Magical. This session was magical. Most of my bluebonnet sessions were fast and furious, 15 minute sessions. In and out. Couple “poses” (I use the term loosely) and done. But this was a treat. A one hour session at sunset with some of my most favorite kiddos to photograph. They’re no stranger to me – […]

I know – I KNOW. Most Texans would probably agree that turning those beautiful blue blooms that sprout forth from the Texas soil every spring in to black-and-white photos is a sin…not unlike confessing that you prefer any brand of ice cream over Blue Bell. At the very least, you may get kicked out of Texas […]

Your home. Your gathering spot. Your place for growing, for loving, for kissing, for crying, for rest, for play. It’s where you let your guard down, it’s where you act your silliest, laugh the hardest, and hold on to each other the tightest. Home is the place you crave like no other place at the […]

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