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This is what 2019 is looking like. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t squealing a little bit right now! Because THIS is really, really what I love. And I am determined in 2019 to do more of what I love. And less of what I don’t. More connection. More feeling. More mamas just […]

Okay so it’s been awhile since we actually shot this session. Last spring, to be exact. And truly, I thought I blogged it and I’m shocked that I didn’t! One of those very Jodie things to do….doing things in my head but not actually getting them done in real life. Oopsie. Anyhow – this session […]

I’ll tell you what friends. If you were to close your eyes and try to dream about me having one of my best 1/2 years ever, you’d probably be pretty accurately envisioning what January-June 2018 has looked like for me, for reals. I’ll give you some real life examples: I opened my dream studio in […]

I’m surprised at how awfully bad I am at keeping up with blog posts. Not for lack of things to posts…but for the exact opposite reason: I have too much to post and therefore, I just don’t. It’s a mixture of procrastination+being overwhelmed to the nth degree and I’m a total boss at it. But, […]

When I arrived at this session, I knew it was going to be incredible. The parents were relaxed, the baby was content, and there was a bare-bellied toddler bouncing around in the backyard. I secretly hoped that mom would leave him just as he was – that cute little tummy showing and diaper sticking out […]

You know what I get sucked in to? The Target dollar spot area. You know the one. Sometimes the vortex sucks me in immediately, other times I’m walking by pretty resolute in my mission to avoid it and then IS THAT A WATERMELON PENCIL POUCH? THAT’S ADORABLE! Do we need it? Who cares!? It has […]

Do you want to know something crazy? I did this shoot a little over 8 months ago. That’s not the crazy part. It’s one of my favorite shoots, ever. A mom and her boys at home on an ordinary day, doing ordinary things. As I was looking at photos I just took of these two […]

Have you ever hired a professional photographer? Yes? Then you know that nagging question that looms as you approach your session date: Did I pick the right location? Location isn’t EVERYTHING but it’s definitely important. It becomes particularly important if you have a feeling the location you picked doesn’t suit you or what you’re really wanting […]

One thing I really love about lifestyle newborn sessions? There’s no rules. Unlike heavily posed newborn sessions, you don’t have to get them in to a studio almost the minute you leave the hospital so they’ll stay asleep the whole time. If they wake up during their lifestyle session? Yay! We’ll get some images with eyes open! […]

I just realized I never blogged this session. This amazing family, this perfect weekend morning, this donuts and dance parties and giggles galore session that I absolutely loved. How in the world did this never make it on the blog? Well. Problem fixed. Feast your eyes. This is the stuff that makes my heart the […]

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