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Does it get any better than getting to photograph brand new babies, fresh out of the womb? I don’t know….I don’t think it does! I LOVE photographing these Fresh 48 sessions. They’re quick and easy and stunning every. single. time.

Fresh 48 Baby Bennett

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So you’ve taken a really important step and booked your Branding Session…but now what? There’s so much to think about and plan for and outfits are just one component. Let’s walk through how to pick the perfect outfits for your session. TIP #1: CHOOSE SOMETHING AUTHENTIC TO YOU RATHER THAN SOMETHING CURRENTLY TRENDY. I know […]

What to Wear for your Branding Session

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To book the maternity session or not to book the maternity session…believe it or not, that’s not the only question! There are so many things to think about beyond whether or not you want to book a maternity session (but I really hope you do – especially by the end of this post!). Let’s just […]

5 tips for a stunning maternity session

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I’m a mom….but not just any mom. I have a unique family – I have two kids that are grown and out of the house and I have one elementary aged kid still at home, and let me tell you – having this (BIG!) gap in ages has taught me a lot about memories, cherishing […]

3 Reasons You Need to Book a Mama+Me Session

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What makes a client a “dream client” for you? For me – it’s someone I can relate to, someone I have fun working with, and that who appreciates the kind of aesthetic I create with my work. Notice I didn’t mention money. Obviously, they have to be able to pay me for my work, but […]

BRANDING 101: 3 Tips for Attracting Your Dream Client Online

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Surprise babies – they are the best, aren’t they? I know several friends/clients who thought their family was complete and then….well, well, well – SURPRISE! New baby on the way. I can imagine the feelings. Maybe for some it’s pure excitement. Maybe for some it’s terrifying to think of starting over again – the diaper […]

Fort Worth Mommy and Me Photographer / Laura and Mia

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Easily one of the top things I love about my job is getting to watch families grow. It’s seeing a mom who didn’t think she could possibly love another child as much as her first realize that her heart just doubled in size. It’s seeing a second-time dad more relaxed with his second baby than […]

Dallas Lifestyle Newborn Photographer / Duncan Family

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People used to ask me if I’d do some headshots for them…and I never was drawn to that business. Headshots are so different than what I do as a Lifestyle Photographer, so it was easy for me to pass on those opportunities as it just wasn’t on-brand for me (read: something I’m good at). And […]

How I REALLY feel about Branding Sessions

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As a photographer…is there anything better than hanging out with a family you absolutely adore on a Saturday morning and documenting them in their gorgeous home? This is my friend Sharon. We share of love of …just about everything. We joke that we’re the same person because inevitably, we end up buying the same things […]

Fort Worth Dallas Lifestyle Photographer – Friends and Saturday Mornings

Dallas Lifestyle Photographer

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I’ll tell you what friends. If you were to close your eyes and try to dream about me having one of my best 1/2 years ever, you’d probably be pretty accurately envisioning what January-June 2018 has looked like for me, for reals. I’ll give you some real life examples: I opened my dream studio in […]

Thankful / Dallas Fort Worth Lifestyle and Documentary Photographer

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